(94) Sultan Ismail Petra Airport

Sultan Ismail Petra Airport is an airport that serves Kota Bharu, a city in the state of Kelantan in Malaysia. Opened in September 2002, the new 12,000 m² airport terminal with three aircraft stands, three aerobridges is able to handle 1.4 million passengers. The new terminal is equipped with facilities and services to cater to the increasing inflow of tourists to Kelantan. In 2005, the airport handled 635,397 passengers, with 8,765 aircraft movements.


This airport is a former RAF base and the scene of the first Japanese landing in Malaya in December 1941. After years being a RAF base, a new passenger terminal built which currently it was the old terminal. Then, in 2002, a new terminal built to cater more passengers. In October 2008, the government wants the runway to be extend to 2.4 kilometres. The reason was said that an aircraft can land safely on the new runway (if it built) even in very bad weather. In third quarter
of 2008, Malaysia Airports Holdings Berhad has built a new hangar, a new apron, aircraft parking bay, and taxiway holding point C to cater for the rapid growing of Asia Pacific Flight Training flying school. The school which previously share the apron with MHS has now moved it's fleet to the new apron and maneuvering area connecting taxiway holding point C.


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