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Please answer this;

Adib wanted to buy a pair of shoes, but he didn’t have any money. So he borrowed RM50 from Anisa and RM50 from Sarah. Then, he bought a pair of shoes costed RM97. He got the change RM3 and returned to Anisa and Sarah RM1 each and kept the balance RM1 for his own.

Now, he owes Anisa and Sarah RM49 each, right?

Ok, the question is;
Adib borrowed RM50 each (RM50 x 2) = RM100
The balance is RM49 each (RM49 x 2) = RM98
RM98 add the balance in his hand (RM98 + RM1) = RM99

Yes, he only have RM99. So where is another RM1???

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