(284) ICTL for Primary School

ICT Literacy for primary school is a program design to lay the foundation for all students to develop their ICT capabilities in future years.


To enable pupils to use basic computer applications and devices

a) Identify the main parts of computer system,
b) Explain the concept of operating system and computer application,
c) Use basic operating and computer application,
d) Use function keys on a kaeyboard,
e) Use basic typing techniques,
f) Do basic maintenance work.


To enable pupils to master the use of basic computer applications, internet skill and webpage building.

a) Perform the steps in maintaining computer system and handling data,
b) Use computer in proper manners,
c) Develop basic webpage,
d) Carry out internet activities,
e) Abide by netiquette and copyright policy.

Teaching and Learning Approach
a) Teacher need to supervise puplis during computer classes,
b) Teacher should use appropriate pedagogies and approaches to enhance the pupils interaction with the computer,
c) Teacher should switch on the computers before pupils enter the computer lab.

Teachers conduct the school based assessment (using modules and freewares).

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